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“I believe they have been good actors.” -Prosecutor/Professor

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“I believe they have been good actors.” -Prosecutor/Professor

When talking with a prosecutor/professor about the unprofessionalism of the office he/she justified, the response was, “I believe they [prosecutors] have been good actors.”  I had too agree, they have been actors.


John Wayne starred in 169 movies, playing so many heroic cowboys that many Americans believed he had single-handedly won the West – and he came to believe it.

Yet Wayne was living a lie. Behind closed doors the man born Marion Morrison was a restless, melancholy, troubled actor struggling to live up to the screen persona he had created, a bombshell new biography reveals.In John Wayne: The Life And Legend author Scott Eyman exposes a John Wayne very few knew.Haunted by three failed marriages and bad relations with his children, he always struggled to win the respect he believed he deserved and felt forced to hide his sensitivity and artistic leanings.For 25 years until 1974 he was one of the world’s top box-office stars, yet he worked almost until his death not because of a love of acting, but because bad business deals and betrayals by friends meant that he never felt financially secure.

Instead the movie legend battled against his inner demons trying to live up to the John Wayne the world thought him to be. Despite his success he was tormented by his failures.

“The guy you see on the screen really isn’t me,” Wayne once admitted.

“I’m Duke Morrison and I never was and never will be a film personality like John Wayne.

“I know him well.

“I’m one of his closest students.”








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