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Athena Dean

Intimidation Enumclaw Police: Visit from the Sheriff

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Local Sheriff pays a “surprise” visit to the local bookstore the day after an Enumclaw Police stare down.

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When this was reported to Mike Reynolds city Prosecutor he glanced at the report, handed it back to me, then began one of many cover-ups for the city. All of this continued by Mike Reynolds causing matters to escalate until Malcolm Fraser was framed by Athena Dean and Detective McCall with the help of the legal system.

September 16th, 2012 my wife and I were intimidated by the Enumclaw Police Department. This was duly reported to Mike Reynolds but with every single thing we have reported, nothing was done and a backlash occurred.

Chief Jim Zoll, on a Sunday night, had time—to the surprise of another—to sit with at least six Enumclaw Police officers. Once Chief Zoll and others recognized the “cult leader” in town, tensions began to mount…especially since we had asked for an independent investigation. Of course, contrary to promises, this request was duly buried under the carpet.


Enumclaw Police Chief, Jim Zoll. Approved of McCall’s misconduct. (Enumclaw.com)

It was clear to my (then healthy) wife that pressure to intimidate was being set into motion. My wife and I quietly and smoothly left McDonalds. This is the same Chief Zoll who testified had no clue what Grant McCall did during the Malcolm Fraser “investigation” but is consistently seen around Enumclaw eating and visiting with his police force. The Enumclaw City Council would do far more good for the City if they required the Police Chief to stop chumming with fellow officers and actually control his force. For, no matter how well distraction laws might be written, the trouble lies with those who bully and gaslight.

The Enumclaw Police already had a baseline of bias laid down by “Christian” Detective Grant McCall. Now add to that the fuel of our demands for an independent investigation by the Sherriff’s department you will then understand the surprise visit, first thing Monday morning by the Sherriff’s office. I can only assume this was a show of solidarity for the misconduct of Detective Grant McCall; just another “wink-wink” in a massive file of bias directed at those who only agree with 30% of Detective Grant McCall’s “Christian” doctrine.

Enumclaw Police where bias is the law of the day.

Basic Report

Sunday Night
September 16, 2012
Around 9:30pm

Location: McDonald’s, Enumclaw WA
My wife, Carla, and myself went into McDonald’s.

Upon arrival 5 to 6 Enumclaw police officers were sitting in the back right hand corner, next to the napkins and condiments.

A silver/white-haired officer saw me as I quietly got my napkins and did an obvious “double-take.”

My wife and I went to the other end of McDonald’s lounge and sat down. This would be the far left corner of the restaurant, second booth from the corner as someone was sitting in the corner booth.


The McDonald’s booth which was occupied by Enumclaw Police officers. (Enumclaw.com)

The silver/white-haired officer could see me where I was sitting, but I made no eye contact. I continued to look toward the counter of McDonald’s. We quietly ate two hamburgers and an ice cream cone as my wife observed the direct intimidating looks.

When my wife went to the counter to get the ice cream cone, one officer motioned to another to look. That officer then appeared to get onto the other one for “staring” too long.

One officer made a cellphone call.

We finished our meal without making any eye contact.

Upon leaving McDonald’s, we observed an unmarked police car coming into the parking lot at high speed.


McDonald’s parking lot and highway 410. (Enumclaw.com)

We pulled out and made a left on 410.

As we waited for the stop light to turn green, a marked Enumclaw Police car, also traveling at high speed, came through the intersection.

In my rear view and side mirrors I observed this police car turn on it’s right turn signal and turn in the direction of McDonald’s.

It is hard to find any explanation for these two cars speeding into McDonald’s at that exact time, other than being alerted to our presence there moments earlier.


Highway 410. (Enumclaw.com)

This kind of intimidation and overreaction creates the potential for a “mob mentality” and is highly concerning to the average citizen—especially when displayed by local law enforcement.

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A “convenient” visit from a local Sheriff.

Next morning there was a visit from the Sherriff’s department. A nice gaslighting approach to just getting a cup of coffee. Quite convenient considering everything.