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Athena Dean

Prosecutors Lied : Simmons & Anderson

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Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Rich Anderson, and team, lied to frame in the trial of Malcolm Fraser. What the jury heard was not even a fraction of the facts that this all started with. In fact, Prosecutors obstructed the truth.

Prosecutors Jason Simmons and Rich Anderson committed crimes by concocting a crime out of the most contradictory and obvious false accusation. Indeed, evidence that would have proven further innocence was obstructed. All of this, and more, the law does not permit.

According to the accuser in the State v. Malcolm Fraser trial, Maleah Childress, her testimony wasn’t believable.

In the accuser’s testimony, she stated that the Frasers moved in with her family, October 2005 and moved out in April 2006—about six months.

However, some time after MC’s testimony, it was proven in court with bank statements, bills, and other documentation that the Frasers only lived with MC’s family for 6 weeks. A far cry from the accuser’s 6 months. That’s even further from what she told attorneys before the trial: that the Frasers lived with her for an entire year.

In addition, MC testified the alleged abuse occurred approximately 2-3 times each week. That means, by the numbers, she was abused approximately 52 to 78 times.

If then, we take her original story given to attorneys and get it to fit within the proven 6 week mold, we would have to believe MC was abused anywhere from 2.4 to 3.7 times every day. Yet another conflict with her “believable” testimony and yes, all reason.

Oh wait. There’s yet another wild card. Maleah testified that nothing happened for the first 2 months Fraser lived with her family. The Frasers lived with her family for 6 weeks which means, according to MC, the crimes never happened as it would’ve been impossible for Fraser to commit them because, according to MC nothing happened for months.

According to MC’s testimony it would have been impossible for the crimes to have been committed. This is why the entire prosecution was made up of vilifying Christianity.

Some will ask, if she’s making up the whole story, where then did she get the graphic details she recited on the stand? To that question, you will have to turn to Enumclaw Police Detective Grant McCall, who fabricated every allegation she repeated. This is why Prosecutors Rich Anderson and Jason Simmons obstructed every demand for a full investigation-the truth would have demanded the wheels of justice move a totally different direction. And there is no way Prosecutors Anderson and Simmons are going to undermine their lazy methods because of the truth. The Prosecutors Office wants to keep its trial by accusation alone to the cost of sending innocent individuals to prison.

This also explains why Simmons changed, (lied), the accuser’s testimony for M.C. in his closing arguments by stating she “wanted to think she screamed”. After all the evidence presented, even he knew her testimony was absurd. This is why Prosecutor Simmons lied for the accuser all the way to the end of closing statements. The obstruction of justice by protecting those who broke the law, like Athena Dean and Detective Grant McCall underscore the corruption among prosecutors in general. All that happened is that Athena Dean throw out massive amount of words and Prosecutor Jason Simmons and Rich Anderson were all too happy to arrange those words in a manner that would frame a church.

Prosecutor Simmons committed several crimes in his execution of this trial-but Prosecutor Satterberg’s office stated they do not concern themselves with day-to-day operations.

091112_dan_satterbergDan Sattersburg Refused to Address the Corruption of Jason Simmons and Rich Anderson

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