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Enumclaw Police (prov. 18:5)

‘Never Physically Examined a Penis’: Prosecutor Simmons’ Absurd Brief

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Prosecutor, Jason Simmons (Enumclaw.com)

(Tuesday, July 16, 2013, Enumclaw.com)—Prosecutor Jason Simmons responds to Malcolm Fraser’s Appeal to Arrest Judgment.

In Simmons legal brief to the judge, Prosecutor Simmons makes the absurd suggestion that a Doctor, in 30 years of practice, has “never physically examined” one single penis.

Satterberg Prosecutors: Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons agreed “So what.” to evidence from the start and in open court.

To say that the Malcolm Fraser trial was loaded with such non-sense statements would be an understatement of the year. (See Proverbs 29:9)

This is the kind of junk the jurors were preached to by Prosecutor Simmons for 20 days until finally in bigotry sending an innocent man to jail.


Prosecutor Jason Simmons’ response to defense’s Motion to Arrest Judgment.

Prosecutor Simmons rebuttal shows his normal, convoluted pattern of throwing out sentences and words with no logical connection just to win a trial. He wrote in a legal document to a judge that a Dr. had “never” seen one single penis. This lazy accusation method is by design as it allows the listener to fill in emotions and tack on a slight-of-word false justification. To us normal, lowly honest folks it is called a lie by exaggeration.

That Prosecutor Simmons can get by with twisting the Constitution and announcing that the State must be given a fair trial is staggering to law abiding citizens. There are simply too many weak-willed, logical pot-holes in Prosecutor Simmons’ rebuttal, but let us focus in on— are you ready? —A Doctor who has never examined a penis.

Here we see classic Simmons using reasonable words to promote the most unfounded statements of fact. Read it yourself and laugh.

“Dr. Welch, an OBGYN who in roughly 30 years of post-residency practice has never physically examined a penis…”

Never, ever examined a penis?

Not one time did the good Dr. all through residency examine a penis?

Were it not for the fact that Prosecutor Simmons is knowingly sending an innocent man to prison for life, I would have fallen out of my chair laughing. I apologize for the title-but my fingers would not stop typing it. I plead the insanity defense as Prosecutor Simmons is driving me crazy with his crazy accusations.

Now you know why any evidence, any fact is not only irrelevant to Prosecutor Simmons but is used as a springboard to make any absurd charge.

Either Prosecutor Simmons is in over his head, or the Prosecutor’s Office is corrupt and out of control. Or both are possible I suppose. I hope Prosecutor Satterburg stops playing in his rock band long enough to clean up the mess. I know I am available to help as soon as the Enumclaw Police have ran me out of town.

No wonder Prosecutor Simmons enjoyed the use of Athena Dean and Detective McCall! They lie alike. But trusting Prosecutors like this with the truth is the stupidest thing Washington State can do. The truth is that any first year medical student sees plenty of penises and can diagnose this condition.

Now you know why expert witnesses refuse to help defendants. The Prosecutors Office treats them with such contempt that it blocks the truth—which is Prosecutor’s goals around the country. Mr. Fraser was fortunate to have the doctor be willing to testify to the truth that while the condition permits sex with a willing partner it would completely stop what the False Accuser suggested.