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Athena Dean

Prosecutor Simmons & Anderson : Their Crimes

· Editorial & Opinion (pro 23:23) · 2 Comments

Prosecuting Attorney, Jason Simmons. (Enumclaw.com)

(Friday, July 26, 2013: Enumclaw.com)—Fact: Individuals expect a foundation of truthfulness before a defendant is accused. When Prosecutor Jason Simmons and Rich Anderson obstructed an investigation for the truth, one of many crimes were committed by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Months leading up to the trial Prosecutor Simmons completely ignored all factual evidence given him. Let that soak in for a moment. Dates, time, conditions and facts were 100% ignored. Imagine yourself arrested by Detective Grant McCall who supplied all the information to your accuser. You then have proof you were not there, did not live there and physically could not commit the crime. Instead of Prosecutor Simmons dropping the case you are greeted with total silence. You see, you are black and the prosecution will focus in on that fact. By the way Prosecutor Simmons attempted to pull the race card in this trial, but the awful joke is the Enumclaw Police do not have a single black police officer on their force. Anyway, moving on…

The reason was simple Prosecutor Simmons, Rich Anderson and Prosecutor Satterburg had no intention of using facts in the trial. It is clear by their actions and silence they were going to attempt to win this by using hatred. Sure enough the trial was all about scriptures and religious bigotry.

Prosecutor Simmons broke several laws in the Malcolm Fraser trial, but on a fundamental level jurors expect there to be a foundation of evidence or the case is to be dropped. Among the many laws broken by Prosecutor Jason Simmons’ by blocking the investigation needed to expose the hate crime reveals why Simmons resorted to mere emotional lynch tactics.

Watch the witch-hunt sleight of hand at the hearing to arrest judgement. First Prosecutor Jason Simmons convicts someone with outright lies using hatred as a tool, then tells the court it is not their “job” “at this time” to condemn his witch-hunt. Cute. The reason Prosecutor Simmons was able to win this motion had to do with his first level crime of obstructing justice by blocking an investigation for the truth.

See video at enumclaw.com of the Motion to Arrest Judgement.

Yes, Detective McCall should be on trial for his crimes-that there is agreement on. But for Prosecutor Simmons to suggest his office presented truth to the jury about McCall is as ludicrous as suggesting the world is flat because if it were not everyone would fall off. Prosecutor Simmons hamstrung the truth to the level that what was presented in the Malcolm Fraser trial was a totally false premise. A jury should never consider if the world is flat in a court of law.

Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg’s website states that they take “pride” in having a “highly skilled interviewer” for abuse accusations available to “law enforcement.” Yet the fine Detective McCall testified he could not find anyone available to help conduct his one on one, private, turned off tape recorded “interview” with Maleah Childress. Guess he never stumbled on the clue called the Internet and Prosecutor Satterburg’s website. Of course, neither Jason Simmons nor Prosecutor Satterberg, have reprimanded, let alone prosecuted, Detective McCall for what was very clearly a set up. If the jury was the final authority to determine if Detective McCall was reliable then Prosecutor Simmons should have first put Detective McCall on trial. However, instead, Prosecutor Simmons blocked the jury from ever hearing about the fact that Detective McCall had already been found in misconduct, let alone bringing in experts to demonstrate how Detective McCall planted every idea of the abuse. Prosecutor Simmons had yet another piece of evidence to drop the case-Detective McCall’s misconduct.

Prosecutor Simmons is lying again that the jury was in the best position to speak on Detective McCalls entrapment because Mr. Simmons blocked the investigation for this fact.

When you are ready, Prosecutor Simmons, for a jury to make a factual, truthful judgment of Detective McCall let us know. Meanwhile, here is another massive common-sense foundation to the truth about screams.