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Athena Dean

To The Point Fraser Set Up By Prosecutor’s Office

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Athena Dean

Athena Dean who prides herself on using and manipulating others.

Athena Dean’s fraudulent activities span multiple years. Ms. Dean prides herself of taking advantage of the “gullible” and while working for WinePress Publishing was a constant source of trouble. If Athena Dean focuses her attention on you, she will literally consume 24/7 of your time. Ms. Dean has confessed to manipulating victims of abuse in the past for her own advantage.


Detective Grant McCall who led the accuser into every specific word for the charges. Close associate with Athena Dean. Deleted evidence.

Detective Grant McCall is your classic self-righteous Pharisee who considers himself the measure of all things Christian. Mr. McCall’s bad influence reverberated for years throughout Enumclaw and was instrumental in undermining Sound Doctrine Church’s hard work. Every specific allegation of abuse was provided by Detective Grant McCall in a closed door session with the young lady groomed by Athena Dean. Athena Dean waited outside the Enumclaw Police Station during the young lady’s led statement by Detective McCall. Detective Grant McCall brought no one in, of any rank, to witness his leading of the accuser. The tremendous amount of evidence between Athena Dean and Detective McCall, that no doubt existed between Athena Dean and Mr. McCall, was all deleted by Detective McCall.


Jessica Gambill who led a reform camp uprising and whose Thanksgiving 2011 meeting to cause harm was protected by Prosecutor Simmons.

Jessica Gambill experienced a very troubled upbringing and led a rebellion at a camp devoted to helping troubled youths. After instigating and succeeding in the defying of authority, she was summarily sent home. From staring at neighbors to the point of hostility to being forced to leave another church, Ms. Gambill, along with Athena Dean, brought together group of past church members for Thanksgiving, 2011 to fan hatred into flame. This was the same time period that Athena Dean daily—as she never works for long at a regular job—drove around the city of Enumclaw spreading slander, lies, and fear. By misrepresenting the offensive things Jesus taught, the activities of these three individuals represent a classic definition of a hate crime.

Jason Simmons, Attorney

Prosecutor Jason Simmons, who lied and exaggerated facts to the point there was no reflection of the truth, obstructed justice.

Prosecutor Simmons obstructed the truth.

Every demand for an investigation on any level was circumvented and blocked.

Prosecutor Simmons protected Athena Dean by placing her on the witness list until the last moment of the trial. All calls to respond to proof a hate crime were undermined, ignored, and supplanted with deflecting bias.