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Detective McCall

Expert Mark Larson: For “Appearance”

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[enumclaw.com – Saturday, April 12, 2014]

Prosecutor Mark Larson Hires The Secret Service

Mark Larson
Lisa Johnson
Rich Anderson and Jason Simmons were the team that framed-up Fraser by structuring a hate crime.

It was King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg who specifically stated, in writing, that he handed this frame-up to Prosecutor Mark Larson’s team.* This is the same Prosecutor Mark Larson the NAACP rightly wanted fired for his unethical expert-ism. Had King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg done the right thing by taking the NAACP advice the Fraser Frame-up might never have happened and the real criminals would be behind bars. The reasons Prosecutor Satterberg assigned this team are several-fold, but right now the focus is on the self-professed “expert” Mark Larson.

Prosecutor Mark Larson rejected experts in the lie detector tests and evaluation of possible deviant behavior. Fraser passed all lie detector test, and there were several, to the tune of .001% possibility of these experts being wrong.

“Expert” Mark Larson refused to even consider the truly expert Dr. John Yuille who helped design King County’s method for questioning accusers. Which Detective Grant McCall circumvented to ensure did not happen – not that I believe it would have done any good, but I hope to be wrong and this is just about terrible leadership by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg .

Like any self-congratulationing braggart** we all have been bored to meet, Prosecutor Mark Larson claims to be an expert in just about everything …

Like any self-congratulationing braggart** we all have been bored to meet, Prosecutor Mark Larson claims to be an expert in just about everything – more on that later – for now the evidence is clear the only “expert” Mark Larson likes is himself.


“Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson rather than letting the evidence guide the conviction led up the team that stated several times in closing arguments “So what!” to evidence of innocence. That Detective Grant McCall of the Enumclaw Police planted, guided and structure the accusation of the False Accuser is as factual as police dropping, to set someone up, drugs at a bust.

“Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson not only defended the criminal elements in this hate crime, the misconduct of Detective Grant McCall, (and related individuals) but went so far as to enlist the Secret Service to keep up the “appearance” of the frame-up.

Whenever truth is in danger of being revealed you see individuals in authority resort to ill-conceived drastic actions. When this happens rational individuals always ask, “Why in the world would someone in authority do such a thing?”

Detective Grant McCall had already been found to be acting in misconduct by a judge, but also had purposely delayed records, deleted records and even shut off the recorder when he and the False Accuser were alone. Naturally the defense wanted all the deleted emails, records and any notes that Detective McCall had hit the delete button on the Enumclaw Police computers. Knowing the parties involved, there would have been plenty of emails that would have proven the hate crime at that time. But “Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson, and team, have given those guilty of crimes time to fictionalize, (i.e. lie) their cover stories.

“Expert” Prosecutor Mark Laron’s recommendation to all this corruption was to hire the Secret Service and forensically examine the Enumclaw Police computers.  It was Prosecutor Mark Larson team’s suggestion, through Prosecutors Jason Simmons and Rich Anderson, that stated before a judge they wanted an “appearance” of neutrality so the Secret Service should check the computers. U-huh.

Damned be the facts that by this time the Enumclaw Police would have thoroughly wiped any records – Prosecutor Mark Larson as an “export” should have figured that one out – as if he hadn’t. Did Prosecutor Mark Larson, the “Expert”, bring anyone to task for deleting record, delaying tactics, ignoring confessed crimes, assigning transit workers in his department to watch the set-up while they played with their cell phone, etc? Answer, for course not, this was all, only, about the “appearance” of this frame-up. So much for King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s abuse of the words that everyone should be held “accountable.”

Secret Service Findings

The Secret Service findings – “inconclusive.”

*Prosecutors Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons fabricated a story-line and inflamed hatred to win the trial of Malcolm Fraser vs. Wa for their boss King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. Each knowingly protected, and enhanced an on-going hate crime – turning a blind eye to the real crimes. Like prosecutors around the country that they abuse their power and are contemptuous of the truth – is self-evident – Prima facie in legal jargon.

**(Psalm 36:2)  For in his own eyes he flatters himself too much to detect or hate his sin.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg prosecutor’s, Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons declared with actions over months of delays, then, in closing arguments, verbally repeated in court, “So what!” to evidence. It was a staggering act of injustice to behold – all of which we have video recorded. Not only was that not one single piece of evidence that proved the charges true, but there was overwhelming evidence of a hate crime committed by Athena Dean and Detective Grant McCall of Enumclaw. It was your typical prosecutor frame and cover-up that is out of control because of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s corrupt leadership.

Athena Dean’s public hate crime was enhanced by this team to fabricate testimony against Sound Doctrine Church and Winepress Publishing, (i.e. Malcolm Fraser). Athena Dean’s hate crime was protected by King County prosecutors, then dropped from the witness list the first day of the trial so that this truth would not come out in open court. After first being advised to literally get out of town and move to Texas during the trial, now that the trial is over Athena Dean has returned to Enumclaw, Wa to continue her destruction.

Athena used Prosecutor Dan Satterberg starting in 2011 to ruin a business by giving his office a lie(s) he could use. Now in 2014 Athena Dean, with the help of Enumclaw Police is renting Winepress Publishing’s former office space from Mike Reynolds who just happens to be the City Attorney that covered up the hate crime by protecting Detective Grant McCall who destroyed evidence, delayed in providing evidence and provided the false accuser with every suggestion and details of the false accusation.