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Jesus Christ’s Cross: The Real Meaning of Easter

· Moment of Truth (ecc 12:11) · No Comments

Now there will be some who believe that they are a good person, and indeed, they very well might be . . .Outwardly, by their actions. Yet inwardly, they are stained with the stench of sin as the next person. Isaiah 64:6, says a persons righteous acts are like a filthy rag. This depiction, in the cleanest way possible to describe in modern day wording would be likened to a woman’s used tampon. Christ suffered on the cross exceedingly so that the stains would be washed away by this sacrificial shedding of Christs blood. Hebrews 9:22 states this as fact. Now, have people who are good outwardly given their life someone else? Most definitely! This too can be seen in the scriptures as found in Romans 5:7. But once again, the main focus regarding Easter, is the cross of Christ. So while it is admirable for a person to lay their life down for another, they too still need a Savior.


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