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Felony Snowball or Major Stupidity : Isn’t Everything a Felony

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Todd wrote:|
I did the same thing when I was 16. I hit a cop car with a snow ball. There where 6 of us and I was dared to do it. Cop stopped, sat for about 30 seconds. Everyone ran except me and two others. Cop got out of the car and ordered us to stand right there. Two more cars showed up. Three cops total. Then they retaliated with snow balls. Three against three. It was Epic! That was in the 80’s.. People today get so bent out of shape over minor crap..


“He kept trying to tell the officer that he didn’t do it but they didn’t believe him,” the boy’s mother said. “He was standing on the corner, there was a whole crowd of kids. It’s so crazy.”

“It’s sad, he’s only 13. I’m so upset, he’s never been in trouble before,” the mother added. “It’s his first case.”

In addition to being arrested, the boy has also been suspended from school for five days, under zero tolerance rules. The incident may be marked on his permanent record.

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