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Malcolm Fraser

“Expert” Mark Larson: Part of the Team That Frames Innocent

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[enumclaw.com – Saturday, April 05, 2014]

There is nothing “innovative” at being able to change a jury into a lynch mob.

Everyone should be worried that Prosecutor Mark Larson is hiding behind being an “expert” to fabricate evidence and frame the obvious innocent. Mark Larson is the “Expert” that trained Prosecutor Simmons to say “So what!” to evidence in his closing arguments before the jury.

There is nothing “innovative” at being able to change a jury into a lynch mob.

One of the reasons Mark Larson, and team, went to great lengths to delay was to give everyone time to adjust, change and further fictionalize their storyline – such “experts” should have  been fired long time ago by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.


If Prosecutor Mark Larson cannot present the truth in the Malcolm Fraser hate crime, no telling who he, and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg is going to frame for murder.

Prosecutor Larson may “enjoy” a reputation for “innovation” but that is merely the self-congratulatory flattery that is constantly heard if you hang around the King County Courthouse.

It is interesting to note that the same methods of speaking, flattery and innovation (lobbying) are exactly what King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg employs for his legal shenanigans to win. This team blocked, obstructed and circumvented proof of innocence.

…what better way to fool the select jury, where those who believe in evidence have been sent home…

Don’t be fooled this is about giving a “professional” touch to their frame-ups. After all, what better way to fool the select jury, where those who believe in evidence have been sent home, than to tout oneself as an expert.

Mark Larson not only ignored lie detector results that Malcolm Fraser passed according to the experts but also the expert who testified to Detective McCall’s set-up testimony that he and Athena Dean had groomed from the False Accuser. To be sure, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Mark Larson enjoy the innovating manner and “specialized” way they frame those charged with a crime – it’s called entrapment.

Remember Mark Larson is part of the “team” that informed the Enumclaw Police to laugh and boast that Malcolm Fraser was “loosing half” his defense.  It is emotionalism, not professionalism that is the mark of Mark Larson and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.

Were Mark Larson a preacher  that abuses such emotions God would call him a false prophet. This team* was just flat out disgusting to watch them do their “expert” dirty work. What more can you expect from a a team that values winning so much they put an innocent man in prison, destroy families, lives, businesses and a church while blessing Detective Grant McCall and those openly engaged in a hate crime.

The righteous hate lying, but the wicked act disgustingly and disgracefully.  (Proverbs 13:5)


Little wonder the NAACP wants Mark Larson fired and the King County Sheriffs adore him – Mr. Larson frames trials just the way King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg likes it.

Prosecutors Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons fabricated a story-line and inflamed hatred to win the trial of Malcolm Fraser vs. Wa for their boss King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. Should be fired.


Related information can be found by searching, WinePress Publishing, Athena Dean, Redemption Press, Sound Doctrine ChurcKing County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg prosecutor’s, Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons declared with actions over months of delays, then, in closing arguments, verbally repeated in court, “So what!” to evidence. It was a staggering act of injustice to behold – all of which we have video recorded. Not only was that not one single piece of evidence that proved the charges true, but there was overwhelming evidence of a hate crime committed by Athena Dean and Detective Grant McCall of Enumclaw. It was your typical prosecutor frame and cover-up that is out of control because of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s corrupt leadership.

Athena Dean’s public hate crime was enhanced by this team to fabricate testimony against Sound Doctrine Church and Winepress Publishing, (i.e. Malcolm Fraser). Athena Dean’s hate crime was protected by King County prosecutors, then dropped from the witness list the first day of the trial so that this truth would not come out in open court. After first being advised to literally get out of town and move to Texas during the trial, now that the trial is over Athena Dean has returned to Enumclaw, Wa to continue her destruction.

Athena used Prosecutor Dan Satterberg starting in 2011 to ruin a business by giving his office a lie(s) he could use. Now in 2014 Athena Dean, with the help of Enumclaw Police is renting Winepress Publishing’s former office space from Mike Reynolds who just happens to be the City Attorney that covered up the hate crime by protecting Detective Grant McCall who destroyed evidence, delayed in providing evidence and provided the false accuser with every suggestion and details of the false accusation.

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