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Satterberg Short Sightedness : False Accusations The “Most”

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The cause of short sightedness for King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg is he is too busy lobbying the state rather than walking the halls of justice.
By the way, lobbying by government employees is suppose to be illegal but King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg is all over the state, hob-bobbing with legislators and whining about not having enough power.


It is one thing to be blind, quite another matter refusing to see.
If King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg refuses to see the hate crime associated with Athena Dean / Detective Grant McCall then it would better if he claimed to be blind.

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As in previous years, most of those wrongfully convicted had been accused of homicide and sexual assault. Perjury and false accusation were the most common causes of false convictions in exonerations in 2013, according to the report.

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