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IPod Slave Factory: “So what”

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[enumclaw.com – Sunday, May 04, 2014]

Apple and Slave Workers

You work for Apple, customer comes in protesting about the slave worker conditions and you tell the customer, “So what” because you know the boss doesn’t care what you do.

You know that as long as the bottom line is protected you are free to squeeze everything out of a customer or worker.

You know that if the boss contacts you, that you can lie about the customer and frame the “So what” back onto the innocent. That no matter how you bully the situation your bullying will win and be rewarded.

In disgust the customer goes to the manager but you know management is only going to say, “So what” about worker conditions – so you just laugh.

When the customer threatens to call the boss of bosses, you just hang up because you know the response will be, “So what” or they should just go fill out a form of complaint.

Unlike Apple, which takes such accusations of misconduct seriously down at the King County Prosecutors Office it is rewarded.

King County Prosecutor Office
(So What Satterberg)


Such a company would not be in business for long, but this is exactly how King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg structures his office and everyone in law enforcement knows it. Like any unethical, and illegal business all the frazzle and dazzle of nobility is placed up front as a media blitz, but the hard-cold reality of “So what” to truth and evidence is how everything is done. The Washington State Legislator might as well save some money and do away with all the professionals, counselors and law enforcement training because King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg could care less what they have to say. If they can win a case without the law, without professionals and without experts “So what” is perfectly good enough to bully a win.

“Expert” Mark Larson and team, whom King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg specifically placed in charge of the prosecution of Sound Doctrine Church / Winepress Publishing / Malcolm Fraser because those engaged in the hate crime had marketed the media from day one and thus he wanted the best media controlling tool on-hand. The great Satterberg publicity machine was in full swing and those designing the hate crime knew exactly what drug to give the Prosecutor’s Office.

Prosecutor Mark Larson, and team, did everything in their power, both legal and illegal, to propagate their piece of the agenda by protecting the on going hate crime. Those in law-enforcement, and others, understood this all too well and thus gave King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg exactly the misrepresentation (lies) he could benefit with. In fact, the cover-up, tip-offs and intimidation continues to this day.

But, hey, “So what” to matters of justice and truth. “So what” to the complete hypocrisy of team Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons bringing about the destruction of families, church and business they so falsely attacked Sound Doctrine Church** for.

At best what hypocrites are Prosecutors Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons for leaving family after family destitute in pursuit of a conviction through a hate crime. What could be expected from an “expert” team that declares “so what” to truth and good law.

No wonder corruption is sweeping the Police Force when prosecutors like, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg show up on the scene and declare, “So what” to the reality truth demands. It is clear that to King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg that those outside law enforcement and who will not give him the lies he can use, are part of his slave factory useful only for the benefit of the bottom line.

Before Day One

From day one it has been “So what” to the truth…

  • It was “so what” that the accused did not live there during the time.
  • It was “so what” to the hate crime activity long before the arrest.
  • It was “so what” to passing lie detector tests
  • It was “so what” that it was impossible for others not to hear screams
  • It was “so what” that the detective planted every suggestion to the false accuser
  • It was “so what” to the mountains of evidence and motives of the hate crimes
  • It was “so what” that all the issues raised about the crime had nothing to do with the crime
  • It was “so what” that the recorder was shut off, emails deleted and cozy relationships were protected
  • It was “so what” that the local authorities back tracked and post-investigated to cover-up
  • It was “so what” that physical conditions made the crime impossible.
  • It was “so what” that the movers of the hate crime were protected by the Prosecutors Office
  • It was “so what” that those investigating for the Prosecutors Office twiddled with their cell phone during depositions

The Corner of Truth

Thus Prosecutor Simmons, Anderson, Johnson and Larson were forced into a corner when it came to the truth because by that time they had fully come to understand the depth of the hate crime . With lynch-mob emotion being all that was left in their case, even Prosecutor Simmons was forced to utter “So what”. There is a reason why Prosecutor Simmons’ promised experts were not brought out into open court – because he didn’t have any that would testify in what very clearly was a set-up by those who did not like Christianity.

One day, on the Great Day when God judges, many will want to take back their words of “So what.”

“Woe to those who decree unrighteous decrees, Who write misfortune, Which they have prescribed To rob the needy of justice, And to take what is right from the poor of My people, That widows may be their prey, And that they may rob the fatherless. What will you do in the day of punishment, And in the desolation which will come from afar? To whom will you flee for help? And where will you leave your glory? (Isaiah 10:1-3)

*Prosecutors Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons were assigned by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg because of the marketed publicity of the ensuing hate crime set into motion. Law enforcement, local authorities and those associated with the situation knew exactly what Prosecutor Satterberg’s office was looking for, which lies to fabricate and which truths to drive away. Further information can be found by going to www.hardtruth.us or searching Athena Dean, Enumclaw Police, Enumclaw City Attorney, Winepress Publishing, Redemption Press, Sound Doctrine Church or here on Enumclaw.com

**One of the proofs that demonstrate all too clearly this was a direct attack upon Christianity and Malcolm Fraser was the pawn used by the Prosecutor’s Office for the attack.