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Camera-Equipped Drone Can Fly, Navigate without Human Control

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According to Mashable, a team from the Netherlands has created a drone which has no need for pesky human control to spy on people or an event. Equipped with a camera, the device can avoid objects on its own and may soon have the ability to navigate itself through doors and windows.

“For commercialization, there is still a long road to go,” Dr. Guido de Croon an assistant professor at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, told Mashable.”

We are currently continuing our research by investigating how the DelFly Explorer can pass through a window or door, so that it can go from room to room.”

This version of the DelFly Explorer can autonomously fly vertically and horizontally to avoid obstacles, but its creators want to make a future version of the device even more self-sufficient.

“We want to develop methods so that the DelFly can fly around and also find its way back,” says de Croons. “These things are still very challenging, given the onboard constraints.”