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Congress Members Skeptical of Google Glass Privacy Promises

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A Tumblr employee demos Tumblr’s Glass app at Google’s I/O 2013 conference. (Joanna Stern /ABC News)

With Google Glass‘ launch on the horizon, members of congress have joined the chorus of those expressing concerns for individual privacy. ABC reports:

“As members of the Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus, we are curious whether this new technology could infringe on the privacy of average Americans,” the letter reads. “Because Google Glass has not yet been released and we are uncertain of Google’s plans to incorporate privacy protections into the device, there are still a number of answered questions that we share.”

Eight questions are put forth in the letter, which can be read in full here. The first question addresses Google’s track record for ignoring consumer privacy and cites that in 2010 Google had collected user data over wireless networks without permission: “While we are thankful that Google acknowledged that there was an issue and took responsible measures to address it, we would like to know how Google plans to prevent Glass from unintentionally collecting data about the user / non-user without consent?”

In a letter, concerns were expressed and many still feel that despite Google’s reassurance that “privacy is a top concern,” some aren’t ready to take Google’s word for it.

But for many, those answers and the idea of leaving the privacy issues up to Google aren’t enough. A series of public places have already begun to ban the connected glasses, including casinos like the one in Caesars Palace. MGM Resorts also says it is watching the technology closely and anyone suspected to be “videotaping or taking photographs in the gaming areas of the resorts” with the glasses will be asked to discontinue doing so. Some select bars and movie theaters have also said that use of the connected glasses won’t be allowed. The West Virginia state legislature has also proposed an amendment banning the use of Glass while driving.

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