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Google Glass Facial Recognition App will Enable Doctors to ‘View’ and ‘Share’ Patient Info

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(Image credit: Indian Express)

A recent app developed for Google Glass has some impressed, others, once again, concerned with privacy.

The app, designed for hospital employees, is said to use facial recognition technology to pull up personal information on the person in front of them. A doctor could, for example, pull up notes on a patient and if he or she was “allergic to nuts.” Mashable adds:

For example, a doctor might want to record that a certain patient likes to be rolled over on one side of their body or is allergic to nuts. And because the data is shareable with Google Glass, other nurses and physicians can have immediate access to this information.

The app was created by a team of computer programmers at a medical hackathon.

Here’s how it works: MedRec adds timeline cards and sharing contacts via Google Glass. By saying a patient’s name or taking a picture of their face, the device will bring up their records.

“Hospitals are full of very busy people — often with their hands full — who work with a lot of information,” said Lance Nanek, a computer programmer who worked to develop the app. “Google Glass and making [data] wearable is especially being looked forward to there.”

The app’s website adds:

MedRec adds timeline cards and sharing contacts to Google Glass heads up display. These can be interacted with to lookup patient records by saying their name or taking a picture of their face. Care givers can then append photo and transcribed voice notes easily to get the most accessible and complete data possible applied to the patient’s treatment.

Under Obamacare, doctors may already be asking you how many firearms your family owns. Next, they may be able to pull that information up on their glasses and share that information with the blink of an eye.

(H/T: Mashable)