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Google Launches App that Enables Users to ‘Email Money’

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(Image credit: Google)

(Engaget)—One of the biggest additions is the ability to send cash on the go to any adult in the US with an email address — as is the case in Gmail, sending money directly from one’s bank or one’s Wallet account is free, while the usual fees apply if you’re dinging that credit card. Plus, if you’re still waiting for the option to send money in Gmail, just using this app once will automatically enable that.

Moreover, the app is doing its darndest to replace Key Ring, allowing individuals to load loyalty cards of all types directly into the app. In theory, this should cut down on how much plastic you have to carry around, but we’ve still seen stores that have a heck of a time scanning a digital rewards card. If you’re into saving money, Wallet now holds offers from Maps, Google Search, Google+ and Google Offers, and we get the impression that the company will be allying with a number of merchants in the near future in order to make this particular tidbit more attractive. Head on over to the Google Play Store to see if the new build is showing up for you.

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