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Google Launches Tool to Manage Your Account ‘After Death’

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(Image credit: Google)

Google has recently launched a tool that allows users to manage their G-mail, Google Plus, or similar accounts “after death” or after long periods of inactivity.

Known as the “inactive account manager,” the “feature” allows users to tell Google what to do with Emails or other information once an account becomes inactive. Tech Crunch adds:

First, you set up a timeout period (three, six, nine or twelve months of inactivity). After that, you can either have all of your data deleted, or you can select a number of trusted contact who can receive your data from a set of Google services.

Currently, you can choose to send your data from Blogger, Contacts and Circles, Drive, Gmail, Google+ Profiles, Pages and Streams, Picasa Web Albums, Google Voice and YouTube, as well as your +1s from across the web to whoever you choose to receive it after your timeout period. This doesn’t mean people will be able to send email from your accounts – they are not getting your passwords, after all. Just your data.

Of course, Google will first try to contact you by email (to your secondary address) and text message to ensure that you are really dead and didn’t just switch to Bing and Outlook.com.


(Credit: Tech Crunch)

(H/T: AP)