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Seattle Bar Becomes First to Ban Google Glasses

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(Image credit: The Verge)

A gadget that’s not even on the marketplace yet has already been banned by a Seattle establishment. 5 Point Cafe posted a message on thier Facebook page announcing that they are banning “in advance” Google’s soon-to-be-released glasses.

Dave Meinert, the store’s owner, said that despite the fact that Seattle is known as a “techie town,” he felt the privacy of his customers was valuable enough to ban the gadget. Google’s glasses will have the ability to record video which for others in the room, may be difficult to detect. My Northwest adds:

“The 5 Point appeals to a wide variety of people,” says Meinert. “Some of the tech geeks come here, we’re close by Amazon […] It’s OK if you wear them. I just don’t want them worn inside.”

His main reason for the ban has to do with preserving patrons’ privacy.

“You have to understand the culture of The 5 Point which is a sometimes seedy, maybe notorious place and I think people want to go there and be not known,” says Meinert, who says patrons of The 5 Point certainly don’t want to be secretly videotaped.

“Part of this is a joke, to be funny on Facebook and get a reaction, but part of it is serious because we don’t let people film other people or take photos unwanted of other people in the bar because it’s kind of a private place people go.”

Google Glass is said to be available for purchase by the end of 2013.