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Athena Dean

Detective Grant McCall: Wink, Wink

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Enumclaw Police Detective Grant McCall Gave The Accuser in the Fraser Case Every Specific Allegation

Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall testified early on because of doctrinal issues. From the time of the first trial for misconduct to the trial against the church, the story took on a totally different set of words. In short, he lied.

Here is the advice he gave to a friend who just happened to be present in court when Detective McCall testified. She came with Editor Dennis Box of the Courier Herald. She stated her and McCall had a discussion at the police station but Detective McCall claimed it was at her place of business. Both agree at the lucky chance of being in court and having had this conversation.

Detective McCall,

“They’re evil…”
“They’re twisted…”

but, wink-wink,

Detective McCall,

“you can do business with them.” was the testimony given in court.

What absurd, self-serving, pathetic lying all designed to form a lynch-mob to run a church out of town while promoting the lie of being fair minded. Just think of the effect if your neighbor said, “Oh, so and so is evil and twisted, secretive and twisted but go ahead and do business with them.”

Prosecutor Simmons approved and then protected Detective Grant McCall’s set-up of an innocent man and official misconduct in order to channel a hate crime. Part of the scheme was to have a, wink-wink, surprise witness testify that Detective Grant McCall stated everyone should do business with an evil, twisted group.

In Prosecutor Simmons’ and City of Enumclaw Officials’ pattern to protect their own by obstructing justice, Detective Grant McCall declared the most contradictory of statements.

If you are pulled over by Detective Grant McCall, or have to have any interaction, know that one of his methods of lying is to to say things that are unrelated to the time frame of events and to just state things that will frame you to look evil and twisted.

  • Record everything.
  • Request a supervisor.
  • Request a lawyer, pronto.

The City of Enumclaw will stall, hinder, and hide any and all evidence that would suggest your innocence. No matter how well the laws are written, the Police of Enumclaw need a thorough house cleaning.

There is little worse than well written laws in the hands of bad administrators of justice. This is why Athena Dean was helped by Detective McCall to run Sound Doctrine Church and anything remotely related to that church out of town. This was, and is, a hate crime openly stated from the beginning for which Prosecutors Jason Simmons and Rich Anderson enabled to the tune of sending an innocent man to jail.  Anything for a win and anything to protect a bad cop.