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Athena Dean

Enumclaw: Permission to Hate : PT 1

· Local News (acts 14:21) · 3 Comments

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The Enumclaw Police and City of Enumclaw officials have enhanced an environment where individuals are allowed and encouraged to hate. Where the thinnest veneer of legality is employed to gain position, power, and even money. Where even illegal actions are ignored in an effort to achieve some unsavory goal.

Enumclaw residents have been freed to jeopardize the rights, freedoms, and safety of members of Sound Doctrine Church, Salt Shaker Bookstore, and WinePress Publishing with staggering regularity and coldness.

So serious has this attitude grown, that individuals who probably would have never committed a crime are now actively breaking the law and furthering the hate crime instigated by Athena Dean. Even a pink-coated woman broke and entered into WinePress property—but this is minor compared to the evidence we have on hand. So massive is the hatred that any grievance, whether real or imagined, is permitted and the most destructive of “legal” and illegal of actions is enhanced.

The lesson is that if you want to gain, either status or monetarily, feel free to vilify, rob, or attack Sound Doctrine Church or WinePress Publishing. Whether that theft be by force or pushing the law for financial gain, all is ok to do if done under the banner of hating Sound Doctrine Church, Salt Shaker Bookstore, or WinePress Publishing.

State Representatives have even joined in the chorus of falsehoods and slander to help further themselves politically. When it’s popular to hate a particular group of individuals, it’s not too difficult to surmise a grave problem with the city and those in authority. The City of Enumclaw needs to wake up to the need for some serious cleaning up.

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