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King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg

Police Review – “A Sham”

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Enumclaw Officials:

Now, here is a mayor worth his salt. Godly, don’t know, but it beats mayors who do nothing and thus allow for corruption. Goodness, when “negotiations” with a City of Enumclaw official were not going their way …I found a Sheriff’s auto parked right down the street, facing my house …and so it went, on and on.

Blessed be the Lord your God, who delighted in you, setting you on the throne of Israel! Because the Lord has loved Israel forever, therefore He made you king, to do justice and righteousness.”  (1 Kings 10:9)

Local sham in Enumclaw Cover Up per Mike Reynolds, city attorney, prosecutor and land holder in Enumclaw created fictitious insider “investigations.” This is the same method used by the Seattle Police in the article below.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg:

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg prosecutor’s, Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons declared with actions over months of delays then, in closing arguments, verbally in court, “So what!” to evidence. Athena Dean’s public hate crime was enhanced by this team to fabric testimony against Sound Doctrine Church and Winepress Publishing, (i.e. Malcolm Fraser). Athena Dean’s hate crime was protected by King County prosecutors, then dropped from the witness list the first day of the trial so that this truth would not come out in open court. After first being advised to literally get out of town and move to Texas during the trial, now that the trial is over Athena Dean has returned to Enumclaw, Wa to continue her destruction.

Seattle Times Article:

THE current turmoil at City Hall over the handling of Seattle Police Department disciplinary proceedings is a grand political farce.

Invoke enough outside assessments by outside consultants and maybe it will all go away. Not a chance, -Mayor Ed Murray.



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