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Athena Dean

Sattersberg : Holder : Agreement

· National News (psa 33:12) · 1 Comment

King County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel T. Satterberg in his monthly August email blast likes Eric Holder, who is also well known for his selective justice and plan to release drug offenders.  Prosecutor Satterberg boast, “For the first time in decades, King County is experiencing a surplus in jail beds” Clearly the extra beds will be filled with framed individuals who are not gay enough and don’t smoke pot.

WASHINGTON — A broad coalition of law enforcement officers who have spent the past three decades waging an increasingly militarized drug war that has failed to reduce drug use doesn’t want to give up the fight.

Organizations that include sheriffs, narcotics officers and big-city police chiefs slammed Attorney General Eric Holder in a joint letter Friday, expressing “extreme disappointment” at his announcement that the Department of Justice would allow Colorado and Washington to implement state laws that legalized recreational marijuana for adults.

Police Converge Mass

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  • Eastedie

    Typical for this DOJ