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School Survey Used to ‘Spy’ on Teachers and Students’ Families

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(Dawn Kazmierzak)—Elementary school students in Leo’s K-6 schools took varying versions of a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) Student Survey, without prior parental knowledge or consent.

In a sick rerun of the Nazi methods of using children to spy, this “survey” goes beyond reporting on parents and family. The 4th grade version of the survey includes nearly 70 questions including plenty of surveillance on teachers, classmates, educational environment, as well as family lifestyle and self-confession on the part of students themselves.

The survey is a combination of multiple choice and open-ended questioning, with no opting out of providing an answer for the question posed. Unless, of course you include the gender question, which reads:

Are you a boy or a girl?  (Choices): boy; girl, or “I don’t want to say.”

Our hero mom first learned of the survey from her 4th grade daughter who came home from school and reported having taken a survey in school that included some very personal questions. Mom quickly contacted her daughter’s teacher to begin tracking down the origins, content and use of the survey. Accessing responsible parties becomes a bit more convoluted once the dirt is on the wall, or in the data pipeline.

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