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Government Spending

Feds Giving States ‘Performance Bonuses’ for Number of Healthcare Signups

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For the most part, government programs receive funding to help them operate. But if you’re Washington state’s Medicaid program (now called “Apple Health”) you’ll soon be receiving the equivalent of a $7.8 million pat on the back.

According to NWCN, the Federal Government is awarding Washington State $7.8 million “for signing thousands of kids up for health insurance,” which they’re calling a “performance bonus.”

Washington state has won a performance bonus of $7.8 million from the federal government for signing thousands of kids up for health insurance.

Washington is one of 23 states to earn the bonus this year. The state has been given extra cash by the federal government in each of the last five years for signing children up for health insurance. The bonuses totaled $68 million during that time.

In other news, the U.S. may, or may not, have a spending problem.