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Dan Satterberg

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg Now in Favor of Evidence to Solve Crimes

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Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. (Image credit: ctpost.com)

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has recently expressed the need of DNA evidence to solve crimes.

Oddly enough, no DNA evidence was used or even eluded to for this conviction, this one, or even this one. Apparently “evidence” is a new fad for prosecutors, at least, if it makes it a little easier to violate a citizen’s rights.

Under California law, Kelley had to give a DNA sample when he was arrested years ago even though he was never convicted of a crime.  In Washington State, suspects have the right to withhold their DNA unless they are convicted.

Prosecutors like Dan Satterberg in King County and Mark Lindquist in Pierce County have voiced concern about our state’s current law, and have supported legislation in recent years to change it.  Members of the ACLU and criminal defense lawyers have fought to block those bills, arguing they violate a person’s privacy, specifically citing the DNA sampling as a violation of the 4th Amendment’s unlawful search and seizure clause.

Prosecutors plan to bring the Kelly case to state lawmakers when they convene again next year, in hopes of persuading them to allow DNA to be collected at the time of arrest.

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