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Justice System

Prosecutors, Law Enforcement Lie to Falsely Convict Man

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More work of prosecutors, rogue law enforcement, and the justice system:

Filing charges in 2006, King County prosecutors claimed Schrimpsher spotted Simmons selling crack cocaine at 5 p.m. on a Tuesday at a University District bus stop.

Schrimpsher said he saw Simmons hand cocaine to a man, who then paid a woman standing nearby. Schrimpsher forced Simmons to the ground in a violent arrest that saw Schrimpsher punch Simmons in the head and use pepper spray against him; Simmons was shocked with a stun gun at least three times during the arrest.

The deputy would later claim that Simmons, who had not been convicted of any crime previously, tried to grab his duty pistol during the struggle and bit him. Schrimpsher also said he collected 4.3 grams of crack tossed out by Simmons during the arrest.


Schrimpsher was fired two months later after then-King County Sheriff Sue Rahr found he and his partner lied about another University District drug arrest. At the time, a Sheriff’s Office spokesman – John Urquhart, who has since been elected sheriff – remarked that “if you lie, cheat or steal, you’re gonna get fired.

Speaking by phone Thursday, Schrimpsher denied any wrongdoing in that arrest or any other. He said he was fired for violating the King County Sheriff’s Office dishonesty policy when asked about an internal investigation.

“To be honest with you, I’m better off,” Schrimpsher said from his Algona office.  “I’ve moved on. I’m in a happier place.”

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