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Athena Dean

Not Gay Enough?

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Update: Supreme Court

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From the verb beginning, before any evidence Satterberg Prosecutors: Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons agreed  “So what.” to evidence from the start and in open court. In fact, they relished slandering the church with the word “cult” referring to the church as a “cult” behind the scenes.

Had Prosecutors Simmons and Anderson attempted this “style” of prosecution with a gay man on trial, or Muslim-bringing in hostile individuals against such groups-well, we all know who would have been hanged then.

Not Gay Enough

Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and the Washington Prosecutor’s Offices clearly only protect those who are gay enough in their estimation.

It is clear that if Sound Doctrine were gay enough the current court case would have been dropped long ago. Especially now in light of the fact that all the evidence points to a hate crime setup that the Prosecutor’s Office enabled for their own purpose.

If you are not gay enough the Attorney General of Washington State will slam you up against the legal wall. Prosecutor Simmons has twisted and perverted every aspect of a conservative church, Sound Doctrine, and undermined their constitutional right to worship.

Prosecutor Simmons even harassed witnesses by asking them what they are going to do when the court case causes Sound Doctrine to fall apart.

The children who testified observed Prosecutor Simmons scoffing and rolling his eyes as he walked by observing a couple of parents praying in the court hallway.

If Detective Grant McCall can withhold evidence, email official Enumclaw Police hatred as building “rapport”,  and lead an accuser into every accusation while the two of them sit alone, and the case still be approved of by the Prosecutor’s Office then it is absurd to suggest that a gay couple cannot walk a 1,000 feet across the street to buy flowers for their wedding. Clearly, in the extreme, the Prosecutor’s Office is picking and choosing who to bully with the law.

If it is no undue hardship for the Prosecution to have the Secret Service comb through the Enumclaw Police computers looking for evidence deleted by Detective Grant McCall, then walking across the street would have been the solution unless your agenda and bias is to attack conservative individuals.

Little wonder Prosecutor Simmons attempted to use homeschooling and church attendance against Sound Doctrine church witnesses.