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Athena Dean

Detective McCall: “Absolutely Worthless”

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(King County Courthouse, May 16, 2013, Video Testimony)

In addition to deleting evidence.
In addition to delaying for months providing evidence.
In addition to multiple flat out lies about Sound Doctrine Church-which was the real witch-hunt by Prosecutor Satterberg’s office.

It is clear, this is exactly what it would look like if someone were planting testimony – because that is exactly what it was. Satterberg Prosecutors: Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons agreed  “So what.” to evidence from the start and in open court protected Athena Dean, then in time got her literally to Texas at the last minute.

Expert Witness Dr. Yuille testified that Detective McCall planted every single piece of accusation during his time alone with the accuser. During the interview, Detective Grant McCall twice shut off the voice recorder and led the accuser through what to accuse.

This is one of several times Athena Dean sat out in front the Enumclaw Police Station as the interview took place.
Athena Dean and Detective Grant McCall were working together for months, and the City of Enumclaw hired attorneys to fabricate a story-line to protect themselves.

Here is a short quote from the transcript:

Dr. Yuille:
No. I mean this entire interview is not acceptable. Every single act, alleged act, is suggested first by the officer (Detective McCall).

Prosecutor Simmons:
Every act?

Dr. Yuille:
Yes, every act.

The attempted setup by Athena Dean and Detective McCall can been seen in the following interview. That Prosecutor Simmons attempted to use hatred to win a conviction is self-evident by the Prosecutor’s Office enabling Athena Dean (star- worker-witness) to maneuver her hatred.

There is no wonder as to why the Enumclaw Police attack Sound Doctrine Church members with questions of, “Where is your church located?”. The Enumclaw Police then enable Ms. Dean to steal $20,000 worth of household possessions through action, as well as in-actions.

Note that Dr. Yuille’s expert testimony is unaware of the background hatred displayed by the Enumclaw Police and Athena Dean. This, of course adds even more credibility to this expert witnesses’ testimony of just how much this was a Wenatchee set-up designed to ruin a church and business.

No. What I’m an advocate about certainly has nothing to do with the issues here,
is I’m just so sorry that this kind of poor quality interviewing is going on in the 21st century.
We don’t need this.
Dr Yuille, testimony, May 16, 2013 King County Court

  1. “There is nothing here.”
  2. “I mean this entire interview is not acceptable.”
  3. “Every single act, alleged act, is suggested first by the officer.” (Detective Grant McCall)