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Athena Dean

Prosecutor Simmons Heads Prosecution of Attackers Against Christians at Gay Rally -update

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Urgent Update: Prosecutor Simmons  and Rich Anderson are adding a child abuse charge because children saw these poor Christians being attacked!

ENUMCLAW, Wash., Saturday, July 06, 2013—

Enumclaw.com just learned that Prosecutor Jason Simmons has petitioned to prosecute the bodily assault case which arose out of Seattle’s Gay Pride Week this past week.*

Prosecutor Simmons seeks to take legal action against the anti-normal sex rally members who assaulted Christian preachers at the Gay Pride event held in Seattle. Citizens can expect Prosecutor Simmons to hold nothing back during his requested ten day court prosecution of the physical attack and theft. Prosecutor Simmons requested the larger number of days to prosecute, i.e. 10, in order to show clearly the corruption within the gay culture.

In his typical style for fairness and impartiality, you can expect Prosecutor Simmons to demonstrate in court:

  • the selfish nature of the anti-normal gay culture
  • the intolerance of others found among the gay culture
  • the complete lack of appropriate dress in this group
  • the lack of church attendance among gay supporters
  • the controlling aspects of gay groups
  • the real leader of violence was the head speaker at the anti-normal sex rally
  • the shortage of African Americans and other races of “color” in this gay group
  • the gay culture is a small, insignificant 3% of the population
  • these assaulters went to public school
  • these attackers’ anti-violence programs are a mere sham to protect violence against opposition
  • the narrow reading habits and selective genres of this gay group
  • how this gay group causes arguments and divisions in families
  • when giving to others it only amounts to $10 occasionally
  • no plea bargain will be accepted as this involves the State of Wa. Constitution
  • how most gays make good tea is irrelevant
  • witnesses that can act out believable testimony are expected to be front and center

In addition, Prosecutor Simmons will likely put a Christian adolescent on the stand—who is not only believable, but can revert back to 10 year old baby talk and childlike behavior—in order to win this conviction against those who attack Christian preachers.** You can expect the State of Washington to hold up its unrelenting support for those who live their religious beliefs and the strong wording of the Washington State Constitution.


*This was satire which more than proves the point. See Gay Enough

**Word coaches will help your accusation; free legal help and powerful protection; and even dog on a lap.