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Anti-Fireworks Campaign Asks People to ‘Videotape,’ Turn in Neighbors

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(Image credit: Seattle PI)

A recently-launched campaign in Magnolia has moved to stop illegal fireworks by encouraging a “turn in your neighbor” approach. One of the signs reads “grab your camera; videotape the perps; and CALL THE POLICE.” Seattle PI reports:

An unknown Magnolian has taken to the streets to get his fellow neighbors to tattle on each other when they see fireworks.

The signs implore people to “stop the madness,” grab a video camera and report fireworks to the police.

“I think it’s a good deal,” Vizzare said of the signs. “I think there should be more advertising about no fireworks. If you get caught, you get in trouble.”

While Henry is no fan of the fireworks, she’s not sure sending videos to the police is the best approach.

“I have called the police when it got really bad, but I’ve never videotaped or anything like that. That’s taking it a little too far,” she said.

Seattle police and Washington State Patrol troopers are asking residents not to call 911 if they hear illegal fireworks. Instead, they say residents should call a non-emergency line.